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What is this?

Boundless Garden is a place for me to let my guard down and tend to my thoughts. Currently, this consists of a series of essays documenting my personal journey.

Atom Flower

  1. Represents the synthesis of ideas into a living garden of concepts

I'm enamoured by the idea of the extended mind. (🧠 + ✍️ + 🎒)

I know on a physical level the idea that we are separate is an illusion. Our bodies are constantly changing, growing, ageing and re-synthesising from universal components. Do a person's notes, essays—externalisations of concepts—stand alone as a little part of them? Do we exist across our perceptual boundaries in the things we project ourselves onto in the world? Is this a useful framework for viewing the world—even if it's wrong?

These questions drive my fascination with software. Being here now, writing into my editor and watching a fragment of my mind pop into existence fills me with a sense of gratification.

I've always had a deep sense that creating software was somehow less meaningful than crafts with more tangible outputs. Invigoratingly, I've come to realise that software becomes tangible by creating moments of connection. It can connect people with ideas and connect people with each other. Most usefully I'm finding the ability to deeply connect with myself.

Okay, but who is Zan?

Not sure. If you find out can you let me know? ✨

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